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Fraser Island Trip- Aventura en Isla Fraser


So here we are, boarding the ferry direction Fraser Island… So many warning that you sometimes wonder what you’re doing here! On the ferry, there is a cat, good sign would say Ariane :) Leaving River Heads and arriving at Wanggoolba Creek: first challenge, driving inland in the middle of the rainforest to cross the island in order to reach the other side and beeing able to drive on the Seventy Five Mile Beach… On the way we don’t miss the amazing Lake Birrabeen and even more spectacular Lake McKenzie! We also have a quick stop at the Lake Wabby lookout before eventually reaching the beach and the first camping zone we found – Cornwells camping zone- just before the sunset. What a great place to see the stars – but still not as good as the Lake Tekapo in NZ! - and we saw one of the best shooting stars ever, lasting so long… It was amazing!

Next morning, I woke up to see the sunrise… I had the beach all to myself for a long while :) and a great sunrise behind the cloud, also seeing dingo’s tracks – probably from the one we’ve seen in the dark the previous evening… Breakfast in front of the beach with a beautiful rainbow after a short shower before heading to Eli Creekone of my favorite place on the island – a little freshwater river leading to the ocean. Driving on the beach we came accross trucks, fisherman, dingos – interested by fish - and even plane! At high tide, it wasn’t really safe to drive so we stop at the deserted Dundubara campground for lunch and where we’ve found other little animals… Tide going done again we drove up to Indian Head, the best vantage point on the island to see sharks, manta rays, dolphins and whales during the migration season… However, ocean was really rough – as the road! – and we didn’t see any of them but the view was still stunning. As the sun was going done we decided not to go to the famous Champagne Poolonly safe spot for safe saltwater swimming – and went back to find a place for the night at Guruman camping zone just before beautiful sunset. This is where the fear of dingo got me… Standing up in half-light a bit far away from the jeep I first saw one on one side and the other one on the other side… A bit difficult to keep eyes contact – as recommended – this way!

Next day, while driving back to the ferry at Kingfisher Bay, we stopped what we missed on our way up: The Red Canyon, The Pinnacles, Maheno Wreck and the amazing Lake Wabby with all his sand… Just before taking the ferry back I could see a turtle and some rays at Kingfisher Bay and we had a wonderfull sunset on our way back to River Head! What a stunning trip!!! :)


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Ahlala, je suis super en retard dans la lecture des articles mais quel plaisir de rattraper tout ça ; tu me fais encore voyager même quand ça sent la fin du voyage pour moi :)
Take care, fais pas la dingo ;)

Y en a trop!!! j’suis plus!!!! heureusement qu’il y a toutes ces supers photos….entre le Dingo et toi, qui était le plus fou? et qui a eu le plus peur….?Bzz

Hello Alex!
Les photos sont magnifiques!
Ca donne envie!
Je pense bien souvent à toi même si je ne laisse pas 1000 messages ;o)

Gros bisous!

Les plages de sable blanc, les baleines, les tortues, argh! Stop, je craque……..!
(Nous aussi on a la plage à Boulogne, NA!)

on a aussi des baleines, des morues….mais je donnerai pas de nom….

Je vois pas de qui tu parles… Des noms please !

Bientôt je pourrai te montrer les photos et te faire les commentaires en direct live :)

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