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My Journey Round The World » North America

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

Journey feedback’


Today 15 December 2010, it’s been 6 months since I came back from this amazing adventure… 6 months of routine life, more or less back to normality, that I somehow still enjoy. 6 months with up & down experiences as life always gives you…

I would have never imagine to be so glad to come back after such a journey but believe it or not, I was!!! What a release to be in the plane from Sydney back to London - I can tell you I didn’t miss this one! I enjoyed very much Australia & met wonderful people – as said I’ll probably go back to visit them again! - however during my travel back to Europe – during which I could hardly sleep! – I enjoyed every single minutes – even if I was a bit jealous of my neighbour sleeping like babies: remembering my travel, watching the earth from the sky: seeing fire rings between Australia & Singapore – by the way, if someone knows what is it, I’ll be happy to know! – sunrise on the Caspian Sea, crossing Poland, missing Berlin, Germany & Belgium as I finally fall asleep just before the breakfast, having a great view of London which I felt so good to see: back home! Back to Europe!!! Two weeks to meet family & friends before going back to work in Germany and meet my colleagues again, do a job I know & enjoy to do, being useful again, going back to “normal” life after 9 months of wandering… I was overwhelmed by happiness! Glad to be back & happy to have realize a dream I had since more than 10 years.

First month back to “normal” life was paradise! Pure happiness! Such a good feeling to arrive to a known environment. Great to know what I do next morning, next week, next weekend… No more planning: just go to work, come back, enjoy the summer evening on the terrace with a wonderful view, have dinner, go to bed… It even felt hard to organise meeting people at the weekend…

Lucky me, when I came back, I was welcome in a big home as a princess – I could hardly dream better place after being homeless for a year! – I enjoyed very much this peacefulness & serenity after such a long trip. Insidiously, step by step, this paradise became hell… It seems that I wasn’t still really back to hearth and between work & facing routine life again, I hardly had time to realize what was happening… – I can tell you that landing was really painful! – Today, I’m still wondering what really happened & still feel really hurt, disappointed & sad about this last adventure. Losing someone you trust & love, especially when you don’t really understand the reason why, is extremely hard, and also difficult to let go when you see each other nearly everyday.

Anyway, you cannot feel sorry for yourself all your life unless you want to miss it… Good and bad experiences allow you to grow up. I’m intimately convince that things happen for a reason – sometimes I’m really wondering why, but hey I need to find a reason to reassure myself! – and that life always put you through things you can handle… Sometimes it’s pretty hard though! As my dear friend Tanya advice me: “Feel sorry & hug yourself no more than 2min per day & keep going”. Luckily, even if they are sometimes far away, I have wonderful friends all around which helps a lot and as I already learned before, you’re the only person who can really make yourself feel better.

When I think about it, this travel was a wonderful opportunity. I took it. I won’t say it was hard, as it really feels as a continuity, as something which meant to be, everything seems to call for it: working contract ending and not being extended, wanting and a need to escape routine life rather than settling down after such 2 difficult years, money saved to buy a new car… I would imagine this was the time, as every project you can have in your life such as creating your own company, building a house or having kids. I guess as I didn’t want or hadn’t the possibility to realise this ones, I found another project to keep going and I’m glad I did it!

This 9-months travel experience in Latin America, New Zealand and Australia allowed me to develop my open-minded and outgoing personality, as well as my eagerness to meet new people. I’ve enjoyed discovering new countries, culture, and environment. I’ve also enjoy so much being back to work, even if it was sometimes hard & exhausting! All these experiences, from work to travel, taught me to respect a different way of thinking, to take common decisions and come to compromises.

So now, what’s next?! I didn’t finish to discover the world!!! :)I guess you need more than a life for that! – I still have to experience Asia, North America, Alaska, Africa, more deeply Latin America… Or shall I settle done now and move around from here? As this is such a nice feeling to have a cozy “home” where to come back to – a place where I feel safe & secure. Let see what life brings… Canada, Asia, Europe… All open possibilities, just a matter of opportunities and what I want to do… One thing I would advice you to do – and everyone can do it! Even for the smallest little thing: try everything you can to realize your dreams, it can be hard sometimes but when you feel you’re on the right path, and achieve it, it makes you feel unbelievably good & happy! That’s worth it believe me…

Something I learned & experienced during this journey is that life is a matter of knowing what you want. When you know that and put all you have to achieve it, you feel so good and life seems so much easier, even if sometimes you don’t succeed you learn a lot out of the experience. Life is also a matter of choice out of the opportunities you have in front of you. You always have the choice, then it’s a matter of what you want… ;) Good luck!




Thanks to this journey, I met an incredible number of great people… Hope to see you again one day!


Yaxchilán – Bonampak


Two last ruins Maya sites before leaving Mexico: Yaxchilán which was a wonderful one - I would say my favorite with Tikal! – in the middle of the jungle! You reach it in lancha (boat) on the Rio Usumacinta, which is already an adventure! I loved to travel there in the middle of 2 countries: Mexico & Guatemala. You even have a red line inside the lancha – as for Boston ;) We could  even explore inside of the building with my electric lamp! It was great to follow this small labyrinth & beeing able to see some bats… Just before leaving we saw one monkey runing from branch to branch while hearing an Alouatta – howler monkey. Pretty loud & I would say a bit scary in the middle of ruins in the jungle! The same noise which woke us up in Palenque… Once again I couldn’t see it…

Bonampak was smaller but quite impressive as it was really high! Especialy to go up! It’s also one of the only site where you can see mural painting.

We spent the night in a Lacadon village – ok it was a bit too much a tourist attraction rather than a real cultural encounter! But the place was nice, close to a small river & it was really interesting to see how the clothing were changing: only white long tunic & everybody (men & woman) with long hair on their back – sorry no pictures! This community is said to be one of the most faithful guardians of their cultural traditions & a model to follow for regional sustainable agriculture.



What a wonderful view on the morning when we woke up in our small Cabaña, in the middle of the jungle! Unfortunately I woke up pretty sick… We took our time & went to the famous ruins in the afternoon. Quite impressive!!! After a small nape between Templo del Sol & Templo del Cruz I was still pretty exhausted… We went back for a nape in our cabaña. I decided to stay 1 more day in this little paradise in order to take a good rest before going to Guatemala.

Today we had a nice promenade on a cascade in the National Park ;) Tomorrow we are healding to Guatemala with a 2 days trip & more ruins….

Travel San Cristobal – Palenque


What a trip!!! We spend 12 hours in the bus!!! Between hot & cold thanks to air condiotionning – I woke up sick the next morning! After more than 2 hours drive we stopped in the middle of nowhere – in a small city. We had a short break & just before going back to the bus, the driver said that we had to go all the way back to San Cristobal & up to Villhermosa to reach Palenque because of a landslide! Great day in the bus! Arriving in Palenque around midnight… Luckily people helped us to get a taxi to go to El Pachan, close to the ruins, where we have been able to find a room…

Last day in San Cristobal


We had a nice & quiet last day in San Cristobal, having lunch in a typical cantina “Los Amigos” & visiting for the last time the city…

Los Pueblos Tzotziles – Chamula & Zinacatan


On Friday, we decided to go to visit the Indigenous city close to San Cristobal. As most of the travel guide said, it was a really touritic place! After Chamula that we didn’t like because of that, we moved to Zinacatan. A bit less touristy… Just a bit… As we were got up by a little girl who bring us to her house to show us their work. Which was pretty interesting! We then had a short walk around the city & stop for a small lunch before going back to San Cristobal & seeing the kids coming back from school with their tradiotional clothes :)

We had a really quiet evening, preparing Guacamole & having fun in our lovely hostel :)

San Cristobal de las Casas



Such a beautiful city! The oldest Spanish city from the Chiapas region with low-lying haciendas, tight sidewalks, cobbled streets. The town, made famous when Zapatistas took briefly control in 1994, is surrounded by Maya villages. It’s a cosmopolitan city full of foreigners as well as Tzotziles Indigenous, coming down from there mountains to sell their products on one of the most fascinating market in Mexico. At 2140m, I was so happy to find a better climate for me :) A bit cold at night but at least not so hot during the day!

We arrived around 10am & found a lovely hostel thanks to my dear Routard guide :) Only french people there… Fleur was the only “foreigner“ :) We went for a walk around the city, discovering our new environment… Lovely!

As the taxi driver, who bring us to the hostel offer his service, we decided to go on a trip to the Sumidero Canyon (Tom you would love it!) & the zoo in Tuxtla, on the next day. On the way there, he stopped at the cimetery: so colorful! He explained us that compared to Europe, death is not a sad moment, that’s why graves are so colorful as well as church. Those colours represent the sunbeams – if I get everything right as it was all in Spanish!

Thursday we went to visit the market, huge one with one part dedicated to Indigenous. You can see the different traditional cloth, small kids behind back of women or even small girls selling you vegetable or fruits – they already have really good commercial skills!!!


Sumidero Canyon/Cañón Sumidero


Again so many things to share: this beautiful San Cristobal de las Casas city, boat trip on the Canyon del Sumidero, colorful San Cristobal market – where I tasted an ant this time (I have pictures, yes, yes!) :) , the Maya villages, our lovely “french” hostel, the little disappointment to miss my friends Fred & Vincent, our great food tasing… but time is flying!

Tomorrow, we’ll say goodbye to Simon & I will be leaving with Fleur to reach Palenque, last stop in Mexico! Hope to find time to write about all the adventures soon! Still you might be able to see some pictures soon, thanks to Ariane ;)




When coming back from the Turtle Center, I spent sometimes on Mazunte beach, there I met Simon! We had a small lunch & decided to leave the same night for San Cristobal de las Casas. So I went back up to my lovely house in order to say goodbye to my host & pack. I totaly forgot that I’ll have to go down again, by night… I have to say that I had fun, with my frontal lamp, my 2 backpacks & my sticks – to be sure to arrive in 1 peace!

Unfortunately the bus was full on Sunday evening… As Potchula was a total dead city, we end up in Huatulco, a bigger beach resort 100km away. Me who wanted to escape beach & hot weather! I know lot of people love it but  it was really too hot for me… At least we had a good fish lunch! In the evening – while waiting for the bus until midnight – we went to the Zocalo – main square – which is usually full of people. However this time it seems pretty empty but really noisy because of birds… Just behind us, we heard singing, we finally followed a church service, just outside the church with people singing & dancing. It was amasing to see all those people so “motivated” & happy! I wish it could be like that when I was going to church as a kid!

When we got on the bus for San Cristobal, I foundFleur – an Australian girl speaking french! - who I met in Oaxaca hostel on the day I was leaving :)