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My Journey Round The World » Blog Name – Mon Round Del Welt

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

Blog Name – Mon Round Del Welt

I first thought to have this blog in French & English only in order to make things easier. However, after thinking about it, I want most of the people I know to be able to understand my journey in their own language, once I’m able to speak it…

As I wanted this blog to be multi lingual I decided to choose a name taking in account all the languages I learned & I should be able to speak sooner or later… in the order I learned them :
- French = mother tongue – Mon tour du monde
- English = first language – My round the world tour
- Spanish = second language – Me viaje alrededor del miundo
- German = third & last language – Meine Weltreise

I’m really grateful to people who help me for the translation!!! Katie, Thomas mother, Ulli, Jörg & Ariane! As well as for the blog itself: Thomas, Ariane & Catherine

After several tries such as:
- Mon round del Welt
- Meine round del monde
- My reise du mondo
- My reise del monde
I finally chose, with the help of some friends: Mon round del Welt, with the language in the order I learned them.