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My Journey Round The World » Step by step

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

Step by step
  • NY 2008-2009
    Idea discussed with Tanya, Monika & Dace during NY meeting in Abenberg
  • January 2009
    Idea is in my head… Started to seriously think about it! Where to start, which country to visit… Why not a 1 year Working-Holiday Visa in Australia or in New Zealand?!
  • February
    Start to look how to bring all my stuff back to France + administrative aspect!
  • March
    Have a look for Travel agency + insurance as well as conditions for Working-Holiday Visa
  • April
    April 1 – First big steps: vaccination
    April 15 – Australian visa application – Needed to be done before my 31st birthday! I finally choose Australia where I have more contacts than in New Zealand.
    April 22 – my Name day :) – Realise that Australian Visa is granted since 16 April!!!!
    April 22 – Call Travel agency for more ticket offers
    April 28 – Screening with Tavel Insurance
    Decide to choose Travel Nation: as contact are easier (by phone AND email)
    Have a look for Bank & French Mutuelle (FiliaMaif?…)
  • May
    May 06 – Vaccination appointment for Hepatitis A-Typhus, Rabbies & Yellow fever = 260€!!! – Medical delay, need to wait min 4 weeks before doing it…
    May 13 – Send 1st  idea to my great blog-master Ariane :)
    May 16 – Put on stand by ticket booking with Travel Nation regarding vaccins delay
    May 20 – 1st  draft of blog
    May 26-27 = First Aid training – refresh in German!
  • June
    June 4-17 – Holidays in Spain to refresh my Spanish! (Thanks to Fred, Vincent & Katie!) Pretty difficult after such a long time & German in mind… After a few days, I’m able to understand but to speak I still need to practice!!!
    June 17 – Meeting Julio for volonteering job in Bolivia
    June 18 – Vaccin Hepatitis A-Typhus & Rabbies (1st)
    June 25 – Vaccin Yellow fiever & Rabbies (2nd)
    Last month at work!
  • July
    Start to pack for move back to France…
    July 10 – Last Rabbies vaccin
    July 17 – 2nd blog design with multilingual option build with Thomas
    July 28-29 -Move to France
    July 29 – Administrative day to move back in France. Last Aachen goodbye evening
    July 30 – I give back my flat keys… Last goodbye in Belgium
    July 31 – Way back to France!
  • August
    Organising last steps: looking for bank & french insurance… Not easy when coming back from abroad, even if it’s Europe!
    August 6 – Meeting with my bank – Société Générale – to see what is possible. As no issue I decided to open an account with the Crédit Agricole, which is cheaper for paying & taking cash abroad.
    August 10 – Last medical check up
    Last goodbye in France & Switzerland…
  • Septembre
    Last goodbye in France
    Last texts & translations for blog + blog design
    September 15 – Smoothy departure of my journey to Boulogne-sur-Mer in order to say goodbye to my dear friends
    September 18 – Departure to London to spend some time with Freddy, Steph & baby Talya as well as meeting Katie who’s coming to London for a year studies.
    September 22 – Departure to Boston!!!