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My Journey Round The World » The Idea

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

The Idea

New Year Eve 2008-09 – for every New Year for the past 5 years, I have been meeting my Rostock friends. We were walking near a lake, close to Abenberg in Germany, chatting about our future… Tanya was organizing her move from Moscow to Vancouver, Monika had her new life in Vienna & I was wondering where I should look for a job as my contract was ending in June 2009… And the idea came up… Why not taking a sabbatical year?! Taking the time to live… to think about what I really want to do after such an emotional time.
I have had this idea, this dream, for more than 10 years, buried in my head ever since I saw the Round the World Ticket in a travel agency in front of Pool Meadow bus station in Coventry, where I was studying… I never really thought I’d make it, however from that New Year day, the idea start to grow in my mind until it became more evident that this is what I needed to do: to realize this dream!

As my dear professor seems to think, this trip is not to escape reality but to realize a dream, I want to take the time to make it as long as I can and to appreciate each moment of this journey!