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My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

France: Boulogne-sur-Mer – Champ Fêtu ! :)

2010-06 -France- Boulogne

Boulogne-sur-Mer, I already feel like home! Such a pleasure to meet everyone again – or almost as Catherine & Isabelle are already on holidays… – Lunch with Emma, dinner with Baptiste, Lulu, Gaëlle, Corinne, Clara & Ariane, and the next day with Sabine & Renaud and their twin Axel & Quentin, who are nearly 4 years old now! Walk along the coast with a great view on England’s cliffs! Opal Coast is also a beautiful part of the world!

Sunday morning, brunch with Ariane before heading to Paris by train and back to my parent’s place Champ Fêtu :) Little green corner paradise, back after 9 months, just on time to taste the last strawberries and first raspberries from the garden. What a pleasure to enjoy home made food and in the evening a nice fire in front of the chimney… Home sweet home…

Still a week to pack, say hello & goodbye to family & friends before heading back to Belgium & Germany to work from July 1st. You might not believe it but I feel so happy about it! So far… :)

Soon, I’ll give you my last Australian feedback as well as one on this amazing journey!


Eurostar Calais-Frethun


Last croissant before leaving France… Ariane is driving me to Calais-Frethun to take the Eurostar to London: second stop of my travel! 

Last night with Ulysse

last night with ulysse

Last diner in France

2009-septembre-france-outreau-soiree chez sabine

Last diner in France with my good friends Ariane, Sabine, Renaud & the twin. Aperitif with saucisson… I’ll miss that ! The 15kg of my bag is the same weight as one of the twin Axel or Quentin… But maybe bag will be easier to handle! No fight & no need to read a story before going to bed ;)


18 septembre 2009-boulogne-france-soirée sushis

Home made (by Hélène) Sushis diner party with really interested Ulysse looking at us… I must tell Grégoire it was really tasty :)

Happy lunch

17-sept-2009-boulogne-france-Lunch with Friends

Last time of the year to ask in french the menu of the day…

Emma’s diner

16 sept 2009-saint martin-france-repas emma

Improvised meal around a leg of lamb… Very tasty!

My giant bagpack

2009-09-15 France, Boulogne-sur-Mer Test Sac à dos

Any snail would tell you: 15kg on your back it’s huge ! Even with my 1,62m it’s heavy !!! Well some of my friends doesn’t seems to bother…


France , Boulogne-sur-Mer - Meeting my friends

France , Boulogne-sur-Mer - Meeting my friends

Nice evening with my great friends & ex-colleagues from NAUSICAA (you see Jean-Claude, I don’t forget people…). I’ll be saying goodbye to all of them before leaving for London on Saturday morning.



départ J1My Mum is bringing me to Gare du Nord with her cousine Catherine. First trip of my journey in train to Boulogne-sur-Mer.