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My Journey Round The World » Boston

My Journey Round The World

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Massachusetts
  • County: Suffolk
  • Foundation: 1630
  • Surface: 232,1 km2
  • Population: 606023
  • Density: 2624 /km2
  • Climate: moderated Eastern frontage – thermal amplitude: 25°C – No effects of the Gulf Stream – annual Total of precipitations: 1054 mm
  • Drink: cranberry juice
  • Dance: public garden dance
  • Fauna and Flora symbolic systems

Tree: elm of America (Ulmus americana)

Flower: Mayflower (Epigaea regens)

The common trees which cover Massachusetts are the maple, the birch, the beech, the oak, the pine, the pruche and the larch, rhodora, the bay-tree of mountain, and the shadbush. The typical wild flowers include the Maryland meadows and the salicaire typical wild flowers found in Massachusetts. Several varieties of lily, orchises, rod and asters are also present in this area. Scirpe Northeastern, the gérardie sandplain, and the pogonia with verticillate light are regarded as threatened in 2003.

  • Mammals:

Whale: Right whale (Eubalena glacialis)

dog: Boston burrow (Canis familiaris bostonensis)

horse: horse of Morgan (Equus cabulus morganensis)

Not less than 76 species of mammals and 74 indigenous species are in Massachusetts. The common mammals include the stag with white tail, the russet-red lynx, the otter, the striped mouffette, the mink, the hermine, the pekan, the raccoon, the black bear, the gray fox, the muskrat, porcupine, beaver, russet-red squirrel and gray, the hare of America, brown bat and the masked shrew.

  • Insect: ladybird
  • Bird: titmouse with black head – paridae with black back (Penthestes atricapillus) Among the 336 species of birds resident one meets the duck mallard, the crested grouse, hake, pheasant with collar, large-duke and Screech, minor peak, a mocker, cardinal, and the bunting singer
  • Poisson: cod (Gadus morhua)
  • Reptile: snake of the garden

21 animal species of Massachusetts were classified as threatened or in the process of disappearance in 2003. In particular of America of the coleopter hiding, the eagle with white head, the puma, the sturgeon with short muzzle, five species of whales, and four species of tortoises.