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My Journey Round The World » Health care

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

Health care

After choosing the itinerary, the first thing I did was to check all the vaccines needed for each country ; took a doctor’s appointment to refresh my vaccines (not done for long time!) and ask her about how to proceed. My doctor in Germany was allowed to do all the vaccines needed:
• Hepatitis A-Typhoid,
• Rabies,
• Yellow fever
which was quite practical! We “elaborated” a vaccination plan as it was better not to inject them all at the same time (which is also possible!).


Number of injections


Yellow fever

An injection, to realize at the hospital (only vaccine where the virus is alive, kept at low temperature)

10 years


1 injection (booster in my case)

10 years

Hepatitis A (Havrix)

1 injection and 1 booster at least 3 months after

10 years

Hepatitis B (Engerix B)

1 injection

10 years

Typhoid (Typhin VI)

1 injection

3 years

Meningitises C (Meningococcique A+C)

1 injection

3 years


3 Injections: J0, J7 and J21/28 + 1 injection one year after (can be done anywhere at the hospital or with a doctor)  

Travel insurance was also a big part. I first wanted a french insurance as I thought it would be easier to deal with. However most of them were really expensive & didn’t take any pre-existing medical condition into consideration. I finally choose Axa UK, insurance offered by the travel agency where I took my RTW ticket.

First Aid Kit

As I didn’t really know which medication to bring I had a look on different travellers blog & travel guide. I asked my doctor & druggist and finally decided to bring the minimum :
• First Aid Kit:
• Ibuprofene
• Homeopathy
• Herbal sleeping pills
• Essential oil
• Malariapills : Resochin & Malarone
• Plasters
• Anti-mosquito product: Relec spray
• Solar cream