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My Journey Round The World » United Kingdom

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

On my way to… France!


After 2 resting days in Twyford with Steph, Freddy and little Talyawho is now 16 months and walking! - I’ll be in France tonight after meeting Katie  in London – who just finished her exams after an intensive year at the London School of Economics -  before taking the Eurostar to Calais. 2 more days to meet my dear friends in Boulogne-sur-Mer before finaly heading to Paris! ;)


LONDON!!! :)

I safely arrived to London this morning after more than 20 hours travel and less than 3 hours sleep… At least I could enjoy the sunsrise on the  Caspian sea, had a small glimpse of Warsaw, missed Berlin as I finally fall asleep just before breakfast! and get a great view of London and Windsor castle just before landing. What a pleasure to see Europe from the sky after such a trip :)

Sorry no pictures, my camera was stuck in my hand luggage and as all my neighbours were asleep - lucky them! – I didn’t want to disturb them.

I’m so happy to be back to Europe!!! ;) :) ;)

Departure from London


2009-SEPTEMBRE-london-heathrow airport

Good departure for my big journey…

…I’ve missed the flight…

…Don’t smile, this is not funny at all… Luckily I can still fly today & will arrive to Boston with 5 hours delay… Not that bad!

Need to concentrate a bit more while at the airport :)



2009-UK-twyford-FRED TALYA STEPH

Train to Twyford to meet my friends Steph & Freddy with whom I use to leave as a student in Coventry… Meeting with baby Talya that I’ve seen in February when she was only 3 days old as she decided to arrive 10 days in advance :)  




Arrival in London: first day to carry my little maisonnette on my back… Really convenient in the metro or when you read properly the name of the street & you don’t need to go back-and-forth because you  made a mistake… I can feel muscle ache today! Anyway, meeting with Katie who just arrived from the US for one year study at the London Economic School. Nice walking afternoon all around her new area where we arrived just on time for The Tour of Britain departure!