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My Journey Round The World » Packing

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…


Packing the bag… On of the most difficult step! It’s all your life you bring with you and you don’t want to give up on anything… at first!
As I have a 55l + 15l backpack, I didn’t want to fill more than the 55 liters and the bag shouldn’t be more than 15kg – as I have to carry it!

I read that you’ll have to pack it 3 times… Indeed!

1 – Take everything you want and you think is usefull – It doesn’t fit and it’s too heavy…
2 – Make 3 pile:

* what you really need
* what you want to take
* what you can leave
Pack again… Still too heavy and not fitting…

3 – Make 2 pile:

* what you REALLY need
* what you won’t take…
Finally, a bit more than 15kg & it’s fitting as wished…

P1000125_18kg P1000156_18kgStill

18 kg… 18kg… 18kg….!!!!!!!


15kg! ;-)