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When coming back from the Turtle Center, I spent sometimes on Mazunte beach, there I met Simon! We had a small lunch & decided to leave the same night for San Cristobal de las Casas. So I went back up to my lovely house in order to say goodbye to my host & pack. I totaly forgot that I’ll have to go down again, by night… I have to say that I had fun, with my frontal lamp, my 2 backpacks & my sticks – to be sure to arrive in 1 peace!

Unfortunately the bus was full on Sunday evening… As Potchula was a total dead city, we end up in Huatulco, a bigger beach resort 100km away. Me who wanted to escape beach & hot weather! I know lot of people love it but  it was really too hot for me… At least we had a good fish lunch! In the evening – while waiting for the bus until midnight – we went to the Zocalo – main square – which is usually full of people. However this time it seems pretty empty but really noisy because of birds… Just behind us, we heard singing, we finally followed a church service, just outside the church with people singing & dancing. It was amasing to see all those people so “motivated” & happy! I wish it could be like that when I was going to church as a kid!

When we got on the bus for San Cristobal, I foundFleur – an Australian girl speaking french! - who I met in Oaxaca hostel on the day I was leaving :)  

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