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My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

Santiago and tonight – hopefully! – fly to New Zealand…


So I missed my flight… But this time this isn’t my fault! ;) I reached Santiago on time but couldn’t go to the airport: closed! No way to go there… I ended up standing in a queue in front of LAN office in order to get information about what to do… When I could finally speak to someone, she said to me that I needed to go to Qantas but they are now close, wait until tomorrow 9am.

I needed to find a place to sleep, didn’t feel like doing anything, kind of waiting for a miracle… Thing is, miracle never arrive when you need it! So I went to internet and sent a message on CouchSurfing – CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit. http://www.couchsurfing.org/ – after one of the Ambassador sent me a message, asking if I was safe and giving me a link to the Chile & Santiago groups if I needed help! What a surprise and realease to receive this message!!! So I sent my request and after not even 2 hours I got 2 replies and one really close from the Qantas office I needed to go the next day… Ceasara Peruvian living in Santiago – welcomed me and helped me to get info for my flight! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m suppose to leave tonight – Tuesday March 2 – for New Zealand!

What an adventure… I have to say that beeing alone during this travel was sometimes hard but manageable… Yes, I was missing a lot Ariane & Gregoire after they left Perou but nothing compare to that… Beeing all alone after my first – and I hope my last!!! - earthquake was the hardest thing I experienced so far - hopefully nothing worse would happen! I never felt such a fear in my life! I guess I can even say I was absolutely terrify! Such a weird feeling!!! As I said, I didn’t feel the earthquake, even if we were so close from the epicentre - lucky me! – I was sleeping. Waking up in the bus with such anxiety was strange, seeing cracks on the road, houses and bridge completely destroy was impressive but somehow fine… I was more worried about what the media would say to scare the rest of the world as I couldn’t contact anyone…

However the next day was a nightmare, even if I was safe!

  • Feeling the aftershocks at 8am and later on during the day & night, in a house with all the cracking sounds was scary,
  • finding out that I might not be able to travel was alarming,
  • beeing in the city bus when someone scream that a tsunami is coming was absolutely frightening!!!

At one point, I found myself not beeing able to do anything else than crying… Crying for what?!?! Don’t ask! I’m still wondering… The only thing I wanted was to see a face I know… I was so glad to meet the bus driver
- Victor! It was a realease!!! When he was called to drive back to Santiago on that evening, he even offered me to come with him! An angel in a middle of this mess!

Where I was, nothing too bad happen, mostly materials problem. However all around Concepcion city is a disaster area! And I can tell you that medias are the same everywhere… Informing yes and alarming too…

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J’ai bien pensé à toi quand j’ai entendu la nouvelle du tremblement de terre…je suis contente que tu ailles bien. Je t’embrasse fort et bon voyage chez les kiwis!

Cher Alex, élevé votre tête, tu aurais pu être morte, disparu entre les décombres d´une grande ville. Mais tu est salve! Ca c´est un vrai miracle! Mon cherry! Bon courage! Bon chance et voyage!
Carmen xxx

Pleurer fait du bien et permet d’évacuer tout le stress accumulé, ce n’est qu’une réaction tout ce qu’il y a de + normale Miss!!! n’hésite jamais à laisser la soupape s’ouvrir Alex, c’est aussi important pour ton bien-être que les superbes paysages et les gens sympas que tu rencontres.
Gross gros bisous

Hola Alex, tu va bien? I hope the miracle is still working and you are now sure on New Zeland´s soil!
En Allemagne: il fait très froid!
Muchos saludos de Carmen xxx

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