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Mar del Plata


Mar del Plata… Le Touquet power 100! Mardelas it’s commonly known here - founded in 1874 is a enormous Le Touquet or La Grande Motte resort in France, filled with skyscrapers built in the middle of pretty houses! This is the most popular of Argentine beach destinations, 400 km south of Buenos Aires. On summer – which is now! – the beach gets really, comically crowded such as people standing shoulder to shoulder! When visiting the casino I felt back in Las Vegas! So huge and crowded! Nightlife is incredible – but it seems to be the case in all Argentina! - even at 1am you can hardly walk on the pavement as it’s full of people shopping or going for a drink, diner or parties! The port offers viewing of nice boats and sea lion colony and when I was there it was the Fiesta Nacional de los Pescados :) I was really upset to be alone as I couldn’t taste all the things… :(

I stayed in a nice hostel with really friendly staff  always willing to help - found thanks to Pablo help’s! - 6 blocks from the beach and the city centre: Hostel Namaste: www.hostelnamaste.com.ar and 7 blocks from Alejandra home. I would never go to Mar del Plata if I didn’t had a contact there… But it was worth meeting Alejandra and her sons :)thank you Sabine! ;)I enjoyed a lot meeting and chatting with her! She drives me around her city, showing me the place of interest, the really nice and cheap Mercado de Artesanias, tasting the traditional Argentine biscuit AlfajorThank you so much Alejandra! I really had great time, knowing that I don’t really like the beach in summer – yes, yes… Plus here the temperature was more bearable! - and I now understand even better why people living close to the sea cannot live without the sea… :)

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Je me doutais bien que vous seriez comme 2 larrons en foire… faut pas se laisser abattre ! Merci à Alejandra pour avoir acceuilli Alexandra – une bise des boulonnais !

bateaux de pêche, plage, otaries…t pas dépaysée avec Boulogne…avec 30° de + d’accord mais bon…

C’etait super chouette ! Merci Sabine & Alejandra :)

Bah 30 degre ca fait une big difference!!! Taday il pleut a Cordoba, j’en suis presque contente ! L’air est bien plus supportable ! Enfin avec tout cela, direction la Patagonie plutot que le nord :)

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