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Buenos Aires suburb: Boulogne-sur-Mer


Well, I already knew I didn’t want to live in Paris suburb and now I definitely know that I absolutely don’t want to live in a suburb at all! You always need to plan your journey, wait for train, metro or bus, most of the time be stuck – and here with the heat it’s even more unpleasant! – between people, encounter bus driver that always want to be faster than necessary, it even seems that people have the same unhappy face everywhere in the world!… This is also maybe because I’m used to live in a smaller city where I can take my car whenever I need it! Anyway, I’ll rather pay more than leaving in a suburb… Ok, I better start earning money then, I’m not really on the right way here… :)

Pablo show me around the best area – yes indeed some are really nice such as Belgrano, close to Palermo :)  Tigre, along the Rio where you can have a boat trip or even a swim! And where people are usually coming for the weekend. But a bit more out of Buenos Aires & expensive! – trying to convince me that suburb life is good… Maybe yes, when you’re used to it… But I think not for me… Anyway we had great time enjoying hamburger (!) and one of the best ice cream :)

On our way back – by car… – to his place we pass… Boulogne-sur-Mer!!! Boulogne-sur-Mer, not really the best suburb and without the sea but in January and with 30 degree… :)

Now direction Mar del Plata – seems to be the local Le Touquet… Hope to have a bit more air from the sea!

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30°C – Boulogne sur mer…? Alex tu as bu!!!!!!! et pis va te mettre à l’ombre d’abord!…pauv’fille, elle délire….

Bienvenue au Club- Alex!I was wondering about your first impressions. The green glaces on your eyes… Smile:)”Quien de viaje va, aprende mucho – si su conciencia y su corazón se lo permiten”. Un beso de Carmen.

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