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Travel Puerto Iguazú – Buenos Aires


Waouuu, so great this nearly 20 hours bus trip!!! Even if it was on a boring flat asphalted road, where I could see all along cows and horses… The only thing missing was the shower! ;) After this really hot day in Parque Nacional Iguazú in Argentina, I took a night bus to Buenos Aires and what a bus!- Ariane and Gregoire, if you remenber our trip from Arequipa to Puno, this was the same kind of bus! :)Diner served – ok at 1am, time to pick up all the passengers, but still served :) - long night sleep with pillow and blanket nearly like in your bed, breakfast - Carmen, I do remember you told me about this luxury ;)and arrival to BA around 1pm where I took a really friendly taxi, showing me around the main buildings we were passing through to go to the Ostinatto hostel - http://www.ostinatto.com/index.html – in the trendy San Telmo barrio, for once I did book – even if it’s nearly like in your bed, it was the third nights bus in 4 nights… :)

So I did book the hotel but it didn’t work! And when I arrived, dreaming of a good shower, they were no electricity and no water… :( Fine! I went for a short walk around and lunch in a parrilla

Actually, at a first glimpse, Buenos Aires remind me a lot of Paris… Paris on a hot summer day in January  – Yes Mathilde, still in short sleeve shirt… Sorry! :) With it’s large avenues, trees, plazas, cosmopolitan atmosphere… Clean streets compare to what I’m use to since a while now… Yes a capital… First thing I also notice were French or even Italian cars such as Peugeot, Renaud and Fiat which I don’t remember seeing on this side of the world before… There are even small Carrefour shops! Back to the civilisation I know… :) Nevertheless, quite puzzling after Bolivia experience!

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Non mais c infernal; je délaisse ce blog une journée et y a des tonnes de pages qui s’y rajoutent!!!! g quand même noté la drague du taxi, t’as pas pu t’empêcher hein coquine!!!

Bah voila, faut pas partir comme ca ;) Moi j’ai rien fait au taxi ! Il etait juste super sympa :)

Profite bien de la chaleur, ici ca caille ! Des nouvelles de Mar del Plata ?

Oui mais la la chaleur me tue a petit feu… Suis en train de voir comment m’y rendre, mais c les vacances ici et ca semble pire qu’au Touquet en ete :)

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