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Death road?!?


So after 2 days in Tupiza, I decided it was time to move on and took my ticket for Tarija. Road is said to be – according to Le Routard guidebook – really beautiful but pretty scary… Indeed… I now better understand why they only drive it by night! First it’s more secure – you can see car, bus or truck coming in front – second, I guess they don’t want people to have heart attack while seeing it!
So before this adventure, I couldn’t leave without eating – who knows it could have been the last one! - and had a nice dinner at the bus station. Kind of lunchset you could find in Japon :) well packed but with: llama dry meat, hard-boiled egg, potato, corn and spicy sauce which I didn’t even try! Pretty good diner I have to say :)
So we first start through an impressive rock tunnel! Lucky (!) me I was seatting just in front – I didn’t want to miss anything! Not sure it was a good idea finally!… - and could see a bit of the bend road… I haven’t down the death road north from La Paz, however, I think this one is a good one too! On one side the ravine, on the other side the mountain-rock… When the driver is turning you either see nothing: the ravine or a rock wall in front of you. Sometimes you can see lights far away waiting – a bit of security here! I tryed to sleep – not so easy with all the curves (!) - and it was really impressive to wake up because you fell light in front of you and when you open your eyes you see just facing you: the rock…
We finaly arrived safely – our driver was pretty used to the road it seems! - after 8 hours drive and 1 pee stop. This one was fun! Around 12:30am, the driver stopped in the middle of which looks like a small village saying to us: baños (toilet). Most of people went out – so did I – all around the bus to alleviate themselves. So for you guys, it’s easy, however for girls it’s another story… Fortunately – or not, as I nearly fall down in a ravine! :)it was dark and it’s true that most of the locals have skirt, which help here!
I guess when I will be back in Europe – or even in New Zealand – I will feel that road security is really strict!

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