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Parque Cretácico

2009-12-26-bolivia-jurassik park

Today something my little brother would have love – at least when he was a kid! ;) –  I went to visit the Bolivian Jurassic Park… Discovered in 1994 in the cement factory, a rock face of 2 km long, 40 metres high, 68 millions years old with 150 species of which 40 from dinosaurs left their footprint – I’m not a big fan of dinosaurs but it was impressive! It’s the 2nd biggest site of this type in the world! Since 3 years, they open a kind of small amusement park showing real size dinosaurs – you feel like you’re at Disneyland! At least you have a great view on the surrounding from there!

Interesting to see the population visiting the centre… Of course some gringo tourists – with a really good guided visit in English and they also have french! Lucky us as we are paying more than double price than locals!!! - as well as lot of Bolivians. But not the one you’ve recently seen on my pictures. Just the other world of Bolivia, same as western world in this such Hollywood like museum… Crasy to see such a huge difference between the inside and outside of this place… Of course you can notice some in the street but still it was a little shock to see such a concentration… You nearly feel back home.

After my first Spanish visit I met Marco, Adam & Steve on my way down as well as 3 americains from my hostel, so I did the English visit – much more detailed than the Spanish one! And it’s not because I didn’t get everything in Spanish that I’m saying that! Even the guide said it! :)

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