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Puno – Lake Titicaca: Islas Flotantes & Isla Taquile

2009-11-15_PEROU_lactiticacaPuno – 3 850 m – is the best departure point for Lake Titicaca’s islands. This is also South Americain largest lake – 175 km long, covering 8 340 km2 – and the highest navigable lake in the world – 3 810 m! Incredible to navigate there while not seeing the end of it, surrounded by mountains…

The unique floating islands of the Uros seems a bite fake to me – completly commercialised – though there is still nothing quite like this anywhere else in the world… This islands are built using layers of the buoyant totora reeds that grow in the shallows of Lake Titicaca. Those are 3 metres thick with an immersed based formed with tangled roots. Strange feeling to walk on it!

Isla Taquile seems more real to me. At 3 950 metres, this 7 sp km island feels like a little paradise: no cars, no bikes, no dogs! Landscape seems to be a mix between Ireland and Croatie but without pubs :) Of course we had the touristic tour with traditional food, locals showing you there dance – & make you dance too! :) – as well as their handicrafts, hoping to convince you to buy it – which was of quite good quality actualy compare to what you can find on Puno market! - and it was really interesting to learn how people are leaving here as well as the dress code they have: if boys and girls are free, engaged or married, important person on the island…

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