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Travel to Antigua


Arriving to Antigua was an unforgetable experience… 8 hours bus – confortable enough to sleep a little bit. We arrived in Guatemala City at 5am, not even realising we were there! As soon as you go off the bus, taxi driver are literally  jumping on you to drive you anywhere you want – even to Antigua! Still sleepy, Fleur & I tried to figure out what was the best option to get to Antigua… The bus station looks like nothing… We had absolutely no idea where we where, only option seems to trust an official taxi driver – they all have the same shirt, so it make you a bit more confortable thinking they might be safer –  to bring us to another bus terminal to reach Antigua city. Price negociation at 5am, after a night in the bus is not really easy… We ended up at a close bus station in a scarry area for 2  girls so early in the morning… Of course our nice taxi driver offered to bring us to another one for another fee! No real other choice as he would have leave us there! We finaly arrived to a more crowded place – not less scary – but at least with a camioneta – or chicken bus as foreigners call them – leaving right away to Antigua. Such an great experience… First, our luggage were packed on the roof with all other big items. At 5:30am the bus was filled up in a minute, people squeezing on each other, stepping in & out regularly. Instead of beeing 2 we where 3 per seats with another person in between as well as people standing in the middle path… Unbelievable, so much fun to see! After more than 1 hour in such unconfortable position, we arrived in Antigua :) A couple of people, seeing us with our luggage, offered hostel room. First thing we wanted after such experience is to have a rest & a breakfast! So we stopped on the first nice place we’ve seen :) After a great breakfast, we started to look for a hostel. We met a guy – who had to convince us pretty hard to follow him, but after he said he was working at something like the tourist information, we kind of trust him - who bring us to a lovely hostel with a beautiful view on the volcanoes all around – what a relief after such a travel!

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salut ton blog est sympa sauf que les photo font plus penser a des timbres poste assemblés
merci de nous faire vivre le tour de monde par personne interposé Nanard

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