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Tikal is really impressive Maya site, deep in the jungle with its 550-sq-km. As you walk from a building to another you path beneath the dense rainforest canopy, rich vegetation, peaceful air and animals noises… All this make it an unforgetable experience! We arrived on the site around 6am – in order to try to see animals as well as to avoid the heat. Climbing the higher ruins give you a wonderful view above the forest. Having a guide is the best to understand a bit more about the site and make you save some times in this huge labyrinth! We managed to see some monkeys, army of ants working hard, a beautiful woodpecker but with red hair! :) Our guide even showed us pretty big spiders, teasing them in their hole… (sorry no picture, I did not want to be too close…) After such a wonderful experience, we went back to El Remate, first for a swimm in the lake – it was so hot! - and then for lunch in a lovely place! As it was still pretty warm, we went back to the lake before getting ready to travel by night and take the bus to Antigua, leaving Elodie & Alex there. Arriving at the bus station in Flores & booking the ticket was again such an experience! We finaly did it & took a good bbq diner before taking off to Guatemala City, stopover before Antigua…


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