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My Journey Round The World » Special Thanks

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

Special Thanks

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For this, I want to thank everyone who supported me & I can tell you there is a long list! People who believe in me & who have helped me, sometimes without knowing it, to improve my self-confidence and particularly:

  • Tom for his presence & his unconditionnal support
  • Ariane no comments – I’m not able to know by what to start!
  • Fred for her incomparable help!
  • Tanya for her incomparable support!
  • Catherine B. for her unfailing support
  • Susanne W. for her unfailing support
  • Maman my first fan
  • Sachiko & Thomas for their logistic, medical, moral… support
  • Katie for her support & her proofreading
  • Ulli for her support & her Germans translations
  • Béné & Virginies for their supports & their presences of every moments
  • Sonja for her support & presence
  • Sabine for her medical, moral & friendly support!
  • Ma troupe Boulonnaise: Baptiste, Gaëlle, Lulu, Renaud… for their supports & their friendship
  • Emma for her logistic, moral & friendly support!
  • My colleagues for their supports
  • Doc Schütz-Karden for her invaluable help
  • Prof. Castronovo for his supoport
  • Charles for his administrativ explanations
  • Laurence B. for her support
  • Marie Claire who open my eyes
  • Pierre without whom nothing would have probably happenned!
  • Guy for the share of his experience
  • Kazuyo for her frienship & support
  • Idania & Alejandro for their tips
  • Carmen for her Spanish translations
  • Chantal for her support & her proofreading
  • Alex for his supoport
  • Steph & Freddy + Talya for their warm welcome & friendship
  • Catherine L. for her hospitality & support
  • Guillaume for his material support
  • Isabel G. for her support
  • Isabelle L. for her amazement
  • Corinne for her connexions
  • Caroline for her connexions
  • Claude for his proofreading
  • Alexander for his is welcome in Boston
  • Papa for his patience
  • Emmanuel for his enthusiasm & his contacts
  • Robert for the dream…
  • Patrick B. for this nice lunch!
  • Esther & Bernarhd for their support
  • Céline for her tips
  • Olivier G. for his contacts
  • Julio for his contacts

I also want to thank a lot Sebastien who helps me planning my travel in his country Costa Rica! – Thank you also to Tanya who put us in contact :)

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