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My Journey Round The World » Mexico

My Journey Round The World

279 days on the road…

Puerto Angel

2009-10-10_PuertoAngelBeach - boat trip

Puerto Angel is a small fishing port on the Pacific side. Fisherman are driving their boat directly on the beach – easier & pratical, however after that they have to push it back to the sea… Not always so much fun!

I did a boat trip to see some dolphin, turtles as well as to do some snorkeling. It was a good experience as I never did any snorkeling before, but I’ve seen most of the fish in Nausicaa :) Still I have some questions for you Catherine…

I met 3 french guys on the trip: Stéphane, Eric & Simon and we had fun jumping from a rock to the sea :) At the end of the day, we’ve seen 1 dead turtle (!), some dolphins (sorry too fast to take pictures!) & we ate a really good fish plate in front of the snorkling beach – it was a nice really warm & sunny day ;)

Oaxaca – Puerto Angel


This travel in suburban (small van) was really interesting… Luckily I was in front which allowed me to see the beautiful landscape all the way long! Less lucky thing was that the security belt was broken… Fortunately I’m usually not scared in cars, however here it was sometimes a bit scary: driving pretty fast on a mountain road or overtaking in curves for example… It was epic I have to say! Also considering that they have to slow down really often because of the tope – bump - or even worse, the hole all over the streets. However, drivers knows pretty well the road!

It was interesting to see that even if driving is a bit crazy, they do have the same rules as we have in Europe such as putting the warning when there is a slowdown. I also noticed that from time to time WC needed to be paid as it is in Belgium :)

Just before starting the mountain part, driver stoped to put more air in tyres… Not wondered why when I’ve seen the road! Changing from Spanish-Mexican music for American one such as: Daddy love, I will survive, Bee Gees, YMCA… Maybe to give him some energy… Ok after 3 or 5 times the same music – I finally fell asleep in between! Someone asked him to put the radio!

I was unable to speak properly – I wanted to ask so many questions about what & where we were, which I could have done, but I won’t have been able to understand the answers! So I shared my small lunch & water with the driver which seemed to appreciate… At least it was another way of communicating :)

We crossed the Sierra with lot of different areas more beautiful than each others, smelling coffee, seeing such nice landscape… I thought about you Martina when seeing those huge Banana trees :)

I loved this travel!

Arriving in Potchula, I had to take a taxi collectivo in order to reach Puerto Angel… Such an experience too! 6 people in 1 car, 2 in front & of course I was in the middle next to quite a big guy… Taxi driver wanted me to pay 15 pesos instead of 10! No way!!!


Hello! So many adventures to tell you about… From Oaxaca travel to Puerto Angel – beautiful road, scary drive, nice “chat” with the driver to this little corner of paradise: Mazunte! Need to find the time to write all that and show you the pictures!!! Tonight direction San Cristobal de las Casas…

Monte Albán – Oaxaca

2009-10-06_Mexiqueoaxaca_mercado 20 de noviembre-monte alban

First ruins of the trip in Monte Albán, a Zapotec civilisation. Quite impressive to see & hard to imagine how it could have been before… I met a friendly Swiss guy, Vincent - who already travelled a lot in Central America & lived 1 year in Equador - & spent some time together, really nice to share his experience. We went to the Mercado 20 de Noviembre for lunch in order to have this famous bbq & tortillas with quit spicy vegetables! ;)  Tomorrow direction Porto Angel, on the Pacific coast.

Oh, I forgot also, the fun experience of the day was to taste the grilled grasshopper (? not sure if it’s the right word in English…) Not really tasty I have to say… Sorry, no picture – only 1 witness – as it was just before choosing food – I cannot do eveything! :)



Hey! I made it safely to Oaxaca :) So happy to see some nature after all those big cities! I even managed to get a cheap taxi up to the hostel thanks to a helpful guy at the bus station. Hostel is clean, with free internet access (yes!) & really close to the city center. It seems that for now I’m the only one in my 8 people bedroom. I already had the chance to visit the center a bit: main square – full of people & with a improvised dancing place, such a nice atmosphere! Mercado Juarez where you basicaly find everything… Food is really impressive to see, especialy meat! Tomorrow I’ll go for sure to the Mercado 20 de Noviembre for lunch! They are making bbq just in front of you :)




Yesterday was pretty hard, I didn’t expect it to be so difficult… Small cultural choc I would say! Not easy to be in such an unknown environment where I’m not able to communicate properly. I guess, I need to accept that I look like a tourist not as in Boston or Vancouver, where it was easier to look like local people.

Luckily, today was already a bit better! :) Thanks to a nice evening with Gabriela & Beto, I discovered some Mexican food: molotes de tinga & de cochinita pibil with Agua de Jamaica – a non-alcool drink from hibiscus flowers, in a local restaurant. Really good!

Today I was already a bit more confident while walking around the city. I tried to speak or asked people if needed, ok, only few words & most of the time hard to understand the answer but it’s a start! :) I also had a great family lunch & taste a regional home made dish: mole poblano – sauce made with chocolate, peanuts, 10 differents peppers type… cooked by Vanessa, Gabriela’s sister. Lunch included also a free Spanish course with Enrique, Gabriela’s Dad :) Tonight little chat in Spanish – more or less – & diner cooked by Marta – Gabriela’s Mum: Quesadillos. I must say I’m really spoiled!

I finally decided to skip Mexico city. I wanted to stop by but I realised that I might run out of time! I have a flight in San Jose – Costa Rica on 13 November & I still want to visit Oaxaca, Mazunte, Chiapas, Guatemala, Nicaragua & Costa Rica… Not sure I’ll manage all that in 1 month! Don’t want to rush…
I guess it would be easier to come back to Mexico city another time – I hope so!

So I’m leaving tomorrow for Oaxaca. No more support to rescue me in the afternoon… Third step in the big adventure… Let see how it goes!


Travel to Mexico

2009 10 05_Mexico Puebla

I didn´t miss any fight & arrived safely in Mexico :) Strange feeling to be in another country where I don´t get the language anymore… I must say I´m really anxious about it & don´t feel really comfortable! I guess & hope confidence will come back soon :)

Luckily, Gabriela & her Dad – speaking french! – welcomed me in Puebla. It was really nice after again 18 hours travel to arrive in such a friendly-family atmosphere! Thanks a lot!!!

Yesterday, great meeting in the plane from Vancouver to Houston, with an amazimg kind of person! (No wonder his name is Alexander :) ) who travelled nearly everywhere in the world already!!! He will be crossing Canada with the Olympic flame next year. He gave me good tips on where to go from Mexico to Costa Rica as well as where to eat in Houston Terminal E while waiting for my flight to Mexico :) Thanks a lot!